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Dr. Charis Rooks has made it her life's mission to spread the gospel through God's word and her testimony. Her passion is to encourage, inspire, equip, and empower aspiring kingdom writers. She especially has a heart to serve those who are struggling with life challenges that are keeping them from stepping into their God-given purpose. Dr. Rooks desire, hope, and prayer is to create a safe space for God's chosen writers to grow in their knowledge, faith, find community, speak freely, gain self-assurance, and do God's will through their writings for the advancement of God's kingdom.

Dr. Rooks also serves as a Graduate Business/Ministry Leadership Professor. She has spent the past decade working in various ministry capacities including as an outreach pastor, pastoral care member, lay counselor, and ministry leadership coach/trainer. From her professional experience as an entrepreneur, founder, editor in chief, president, and chief executive officer, she has written ideas and from those ideas created organizations in the media publication, consulting, ministry, and transportation and logistics sectors. Dr. Rooks is a recognized author, speaker, business professor, life coach, mentor, and teacher of the word.

Dr. Rooks loves spending time with God, her husband, daughter's, grandson, kingdom writers, writing, reading books, playing her flute, and traveling. By sharing her knowledge, passion, and love of writing, she hopes to inspire people to recognize the power of their own story and the difference it can make in the world.


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