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Dr. Charis Rooks has made it her life's mission to spread the gospel through her teachings, testimony, and the healing power of God's word.  Dr. Rooks has a passion for encouraging, equipping, and empowering women who are struggling with personal issues that are keeping them from stepping into their God-given purpose. Inspired Grace Ministries' goal is to provide a nurturing environment where women can develop their faith, feel accepted, testify openly, and focus on doing God's will rather than their own. Dr. Rooks currently serves as the president of Inspired Grace Ministries.   

Dr. Rooks earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Technical Management specializing in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship, as well as a Master of Business Administration, focusing on Leadership from Oral Roberts University. After having an encounter with the Lord, Dr. Rooks changed her career and academic path from the corporate world to that of Christian leadership and ministry, while studying for a doctorate at Liberty University. Dr. Rook's research centered on Christian entrepreneurs and the practice of discipleship in various settings, including the local church, the community, and the workplace. Dr. Rooks founded both nonprofit and for-profit enterprises while attending university. She has used her testimony to create organizations in the media publishing industry, the consultancy sector, the ministry, and the transportation and logistics industry as an entrepreneur, founder, president, and chief executive officer.  

Dr. Rooks also serves as a Graduate Business Professor at Southern Nazarene University. She has spent the past decade working in various ministry capacities including as an outreach pastor, pastoral care member, lay counselor, and Ministry leader coach/trainer. She is a recognized author, speaker, business professor, life coach, and teacher of the word. Dr. Rooks is currently pursuing her credentials as an itinerant minister.  

Dr. Rooks hopes that by sharing her testimony, passion, encouragement, devotion, and knowledge, she will serve women by helping them to realize the unique, amazing, and powerful impact their own testimony can make in this world while serving God's will.

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