The 30 Day Life After Divorce Prayer Challenge for Women

 The first few weeks after divorce are often the hardest to deal with. Struggling against the feelings of inadequacy, anger, and sadness can take a toll on you and often finding a reprieve can help. "The 30 Day Life after Divorce Prayer Challenge for Women," offers those that are struggling with the days following divorce with an outlet for the tumult of emotions.

All things are possible through prayer and the 30 Day Challenge is just the start toward your personal recovery. Divorce is a process that inexplicably changes a person but with prayer and devotion you can become the woman you want to be and can certainly regain the life and spirit that you had prior to divorce. This book works with women to challenge their faith and push them to discover the healing power of prayer.

This book is a day by day guide that helps those suffering after divorce find a way to channel their emotions, both good and bad, toward something that has the ability to build you spiritually. Daily prayer may seem difficult but with the help of this prayer challenge you can find ways to be thankful again, to be happy, and to work through the emotions that may seem as if they are going to stunt forward progress. Divorce is not the end of the line and through prayer you can regain your center and begin to become the woman you have always wanted to be.

Starting Your Own Prayer Challenge

If you’re currently in the difficult season after a divorce, I cannot recommend highly enough taking time to develop your prayer life. Here are a few tips:

  • Set a regular time each day to pray so it becomes a consistent habit. Even just 5-10 minutes to start!
  • Get comfortable and eliminate distractions to create a quiet space alone with God.
  • Open your heart fully and pour out your emotions and thoughts without judgement.
  • Read scriptures about God’s love, promises, and character. Let them penetrate deep into your spirit.
  • Journal or record your prayers and anything God speaks to you. Refer back later for encouragement.
  • Go at your own pace. Don’t guilt yourself on “good” or “bad” prayer days. Consistency matters most.
  • Ask God to reveal His specific truths you need for your unique situation. Listen closely!

The most important thing I learned is that I needed to rely fully on God’s strength in order to rebuild my life after divorce. Through daily prayer and devotion, He walked me through the darkest valley and into the light.

No matter how hopeless it may seem, keep pressing into prayer. Let Him fill you with His supernatural power, comfort, wisdom and peace every single day. With God, you can get through this.

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