What Advice Can I Offer Someone When I'm Struggling?


So you may be asking yourself right now, how in the world can I give when I'm struggling with life myself? 

I remember a young woman shortly after my divorce asking me did I have any advice for her. She was engaged and overheard that I had recently divorced. She didn't want to go into her marriage without advice to help protect her and her future husband from divorce. Well, she happened to ask me about what I would say was one of my "lowest days." I felt like I needed someone to give me advice because I was falling apart. My response to her question was, "I do not know why you are asking me, but all I can tell you is, please do not do it. You do not want to end up like me". I then went on to tell her every negative thing I could share while choosing to avoid anything that would help her or give her encouragement. Yes, I gave freely, but I gave advice that stemmed from my hurt and pain, not from experience and love. I had no desire to bless a marriage that day. In my mind, I needed to keep her from making a mistake. While doing so, I missed my opportunity that day to bless her with wisdom, knowledge, and encouragement.

God will place you in strategic places so that strangers may cross your path 

Do not make the mistake I made that day; instead,  testify freely to whatever lessons God has taught you. We all have a gift to give each other, and that would be our testimony. Yes, I was divorced, but I had the opportunity to help this young woman by sharing my testimony, and not just the bad parts. My testimony could have very well blessed their marriage if I only spent a few moments with her, and time would have cost me nothing.  Our paths crossed at that specific moment in time so that I could help her. Still, I didn't take advantage of the opportunity that God had given me.  My testimony could have helped this young woman embrace her engagement and empower her as she entered into marriage instead of instilling fear.

Lesson Regarding Sharing Testimony

Your testimony is more valuable than many of your possessions.   Your testimony can help you heal and become stronger while empowering others to change their own lives for the better.

Give freely and become wealthier; be stingy, and lose everything. Proverbs 11:24


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