Introduction To Prayer and Fasting For Leaders


Prayer and Your Life 

Prayer is one of the most important methods of communication that we have between ourselves and God. Though occasional prayer may be all you are currently doing, prayer works so much better when it becomes second nature, when it becomes a part of your daily life. Prayer is not something you do only when times are hard, it should be a lifestyle that you adopt.  

1 Chronicles 16:11  

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.  

Create a Prayer Schedule and Space 

Humans are creatures of habit. By creating a space and a schedule you can get into the habit of praying, so much so that it becomes a part of your day, and you feel like the day is not done without it. We all have places that are important to us, places that hold significance, choosing a place in your home where you feel comfortable and where you feel free to bring your worries to God can truly help with your prayer. Choosing a time also helps greatly. If you have a specific time of day that you pray you will keep this time open and you will not be able to say you did not have time to meet with God.  

Your Prayer Plan 

As a leader It is not enough to simply say that you are going to pray at a specific time and in a specific place, it is also important that you have a plan when it comes to your prayers. Your prayer life is directly connected to those who God has entrusted you with in your life to lead. It is true that we all pray differently but that does not mean you cannot create a plan for the way that you pray. Set aside a specific slot of time each day to pray and then think of ways to make the most of that time. You may want to devote some time to worship, some time to prayer and then some time to reflection or reading your Bible for guidance.  

This structure helps you get more out of your prayer time and helps you to truly focus. Not only does it help you focus and help to guide your prayers, it also helps you to be a better leader. Having a structure that you are comfortable with and that works for you makes it easier to plan your prayer time and also learn about different methods of prayer so you can better guide those who you lead.  

Fasting and Prayer


Yet another way you can get closer to God, lead others, and help refocus your journey is fasting. Fasting is abstaining from food for a period of time in order to gain spiritual enlightenment or closeness to God. Fasting is a practice of will and it does help to bring you closer to God. Fasting is a way to clear your mind, to help you focus, and it can greatly help in your ability to step up and be a leader for others.  

Reasons to Fast


Proverbs 3:5-6  

[5] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart: and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  

Direction- one of the main reasons that people fast is to get direction from God. Moses fasted while writing the Ten Commandments to allow God to flow through him.  

Clarity - fasting also allows you the opportunity to free yourself from the world that we are so tied to. It is a practice of inner will and determination.  

Knowledge- you do not have all the answers, no one does. God however does and through fasting you can get the knowledge that you seek to be a better person and to  

Discernment- in the world we live in today it can be incredibly difficult to make decisions. What might seem like a good path could actually lead to ruin. Fasting can help to clear and uncloud your judgement, making it easier to make choices that will help you grow.  

How to Properly Fast 

Fasting is a deeply individual practice. It is not necessary to inform everyone in your social circle or on social media that you are fasting. It's between you and God, and the two of you should keep it that way. According to Matthew, while you fast, you should act normally so that no one but you and God notice


Fasting and prayer can help you grow spiritually and personally, allowing you to become a more effective leader and guide for those under your charge.  Clarity and focus are two benefits of fasting, and the experience can also assist you lead to lead others in fasting if they desire to do so. As a leader, you can benefit much from the discipline of fasting, which is a great test of your will and faith.   


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