Praying For Your Future Spouse After Divorce


Divorce is a difficult thing for everyone involved, even if both parties are amicable and are okay with the proceedings. Women that go through divorce often feel that they are not worthy or that they will never find love again, this is not the case by any means. Divorce does not negate worth, just because you are divorced and may have had a not-so-good experience with marriage before, that does not mean you cannot pray for the well-being of the spouse that you desire to meet one day. Praying for your future husband does not mean praying for what he will look like or when exactly will he come into your life but rather praying for his journey so that you might meet only by the grace of God and in HIS timing.
I started praying for my future husband eight long years ago, having no idea who he was, where he was or even if he needed my prayers. I will be honest with you I felt ashamed to pray at times because I was divorced. I had failed at marriage twice so why in the world would I want to subject myself to that again? Though I was thinking that I knew it was a desire of my heart to be a wife, even after the conclusion of my second divorce. I pressed forward and found 10 prayers that I was able to pray for my future husband and committed to saying these prayers every single day. I continue to pray daily for my husband and I feel that these prayers are what paved my way to find him. I would like to share these prayers for any woman that is looking to pray for her future husband.
  1. Pray for his walk with God,  that he continues to grow spiritually and is prepared for his future role as head of the household 
  2. Pray he makes God his top priority.
  3. Pray for his ability to listen to God’s voice, pray that he will be able to tune into the voice of God and listen to the instructions that he is given.
  4. Pray for his ability to be flexible to God’s will and what God wants for his life.
  5. Pray for emotional health, balance, physical health, and well-being. 
  6. Pray that his past struggles are healed and he is restored.
  7. Pray that he can free himself from unhealthy addictions if he is struggling and that he can avoid them.
  8. Pray for his career and life’s work, and pray that God allows him to be established and to be wise with what he has been given.
  9. Pray for his ministry and ability to share his journey with others.
  10. Pray for preparation, pray that he is able to yield to God to do what God wants him to accomplish.
  11. Pray that God challenges him and allows him to grow and be prepared through trials and tribulations to make him a stronger man.
  12. Pray for him to be prepared to be a father if you are planning on a family.
  13. Pray for God to help him be reasonable and level-headed with finances so that he can provide for his family and help to contribute alongside you.
  14. Pray for him to find his own identity, his masculinity, and his self-esteem and that God helps him grow to be the man he wants him to be.
  15. Pray for him to be able to throw off distractions from counterfeits or women that are not intended for his growth.
  16. Pray for God to allow him to see you the way that you need to be seen. Pray for him to see you with God’s heart.
  17. Pray for God to show you how to pray for your own husband. Pray that he helps you to be open to what your husband needs and what prayers you may need to be saying on his behalf.
All of these prayers are of course just an idea about what you can pray. Take the time to make the prayers unique to your needs and to what you want in a husband so that you can meet and grow together in the shining light of the love of God.

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