A PhD Student's Prayer

God, grant me the strength and stamina to handle the rigors of my doctoral program, as well as discernment — help me to understand how I can steward my newfound knowledge, wisdom, and abilities in a way that benefits others and ultimately brings You glory. Form my character in Your Image, so that it is virtuous.

Help me to seek faithfulness in all things, especially when confronted with the world's temptations. Help me overcome the strongholds that exist within the academic profession (such as the lure of prestige and the desire to isolate oneself) that may tempt me to stray from You. Help me to see — no, believe — that my worth is not determined by the impressiveness of my academic accomplishments.

When I think about the opportunities You have given me (and continue to give me), my heart is filled with an overwhelming sense of warmth and gratitude. I hope I never lose this feeling God, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed or burned-out.

During such times, I will remind myself of Your Mercy. I will remind myself that my coursework is a gift from You, that my professors are gifts from You, that my cohort is a gift from You, and that my education is truly a gift from You — a gift that has taught me how to better love others, but more importantly, how to better love You. And for that, I will always be grateful.

In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen.🙏🙌❤️☺️

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